Largest private home in the UK sells for £7 million


Wentworth Woodhouse in south Yorkshire, owned by the Fitzwilliam family at the time Pride and Prejudice was written, and which was most recently used as a location for the TV series Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, possesses the longest façade in Europe, some 180 metres in total, five miles of corridors, two-and-a-half acres of roof and 365 rooms – one for every day of the year. Yet

Phones that can be rolled up and placed behind the ear like a pencil and filters that remove salt crystals from seawater could all be made possible by graphene

An exciting opportunity to create a unique and modern five bedroom house with traditional features set in 5.83 acres in a beautiful location in Shropshire

The endangered country house believed to have provided the inspiration for the home, and, through its owners, the character, of Jane Austen’s Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy, was finally rescued for the nation late last night.