Bilfinger Real Estate extends leases within Park Kolonnaden in Berlin

Boasting a long history as the centre of commerce within Berlin, it comes as no surprise that office space at Potsdamer Platz is in high demand by the titans of business. For Bilfinger Real Estate who own a sizeable amount of office space at Park Kolonnaden just off the square, they are set to profit from extending the leases of multiple organisations who are currently renting out 8200 square metres of ‘Haus 3’, the middle of 5 buildings located on the site.

For the first time in Kolonnaden’s history, they have achieved a complete occupancy rate across the space for let. Accounting for 4600 square metres across three floors and 150 square metres of basement space leased out, the international development firm Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH has agreed to extend the duration of their tenancy by 5 years.

Photograph: Park Kolonnaden can be seen on the left of the view from Potsdamer Platz (

Photograph: Park Kolonnaden can be seen on the left of the view from Potsdamer Platz, along the road next to the strip of greenery (

Another notable resident at the same location is an un-named government authority who despite being shrouded in mystery by the press release, has agreed to continue to lease out 3100 square metres, making the two aforementioned tenants responsible for about half of the building’s total available space of 17,400 square metres.

Also situated at the site comprising of residential and commercial premises is a number of Germany’s most high-profile companies, both domestic and international. Including Sony, Deutsche Bahn and Daimler AG amongst the names who can be found close by, leases at the site will undeniably be costly. Synonymous with success, being an occupant who rubs shoulders with such well-regarded neighbours is indicative of one’s prestige, worth far more than mere monetary value.